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Thoompatt Group

Thoompatt Films is a Media Production Company launched by an eminent businessman,Mr Sulfi Thoompatt with a vision of setting unparalleled quality standards in creativity,professionalism and customer service in the industry.The firm offers a gamut of services ranging from Ad films to feature film production, managing celebrities and events to providing all-encompassing branding solutions to corporates through visual,print, digital marketing media.

Mr Sulfi Thoompatt,The founder is a veteran in the field of wooden furnishing and has also successfully ventured into other dimensions like oil dealership, politics and the most recent one being Interactive Media and the Showbiz.He's a zealous young achiever with deeply held convictions and radical,futuristic thinking.Having served as the president of SAVE KERALA FORUM and represented the state in the KERALA STATE HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION initiative,his social contributions are also highly commendable.

stepping into Tamil film industry

Thoompatt group is also pleased to announce its forthcoming production in Tamil, we are glad to mentor the young generation by presenting this poetry in celluloid form. This extraordinary film extravaganza is the result of a bold venture resulting from several months of hard work & perseverance, not to mention the effort taken by the fiery & promising youngsters imbued with the spirit & possibilities of cinema media.